Fashion in Japan 1945-2020

March 20―May 16, 2021

Iwami Art Museum, Shimane, JAPAN

June 9―September 6, 2021

The National Art Center, Tokyo, JAPAN

“FASHION IN JAPAN 1945-2020” explores the changes in Postwar Japan through not only clothing but also photographs, magazines, film and other documentary sources. The Exhibition looks at the fashions from each decade after the war through a societal filter that includes the designers who originated trends, the consumers who wore their clothing and the media that was the bridge between the two. Six movies from the ISSEY MIYAKE archives will be on view and illustrate a portion of Miyake's work from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and present day.

The exhibition begins in March at the Iwami Art Museum in Shimane and then moves to The National Arts Center, Tokyo in June.

Items by Issey Miyake on display:
“Fly with Issey Miyake (digest version)” (1977)
“Exhibition movie of "MIYAKE ISSEY EXHIBITION: The Work of Miyake Issey" section B (Body Series) at The National Art Center, Tokyo” (2016)
“ISSEY MIYAKE Spring-Summer 1994 Paris Collection (digest version)” (1993)
Animation: “A-POC HISTORY” (2020)
Animation: “132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE” (2010)
“A Walk in the Park (HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE Spring-Summer 2020 Paris Collection)” (2019)

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