Northern Lights

New Scandinavian Designers selected by Harri Koskinen

May 27 — July 17, 2004

Photo: Yasuaki Yoshinaga

Rolling Stones, Tile/Tinna Gunnarsdottir
Photo: Yasuaki Yoshinaga

CD Rack, Stool Anna/Anna Kraitz
Photo: Yasuaki Yoshinaga

Stroke/Cecilie Frostad Egeberg
Photo: Yasuaki Yoshinaga

Mikado Table, Ladder/Cecilie Manz
Photo: Yasuaki Yoshinaga

Anemone Table & Light/Perhonen
(Anna Katriina Tilli & Mari Relander)
Photo: Yasuaki Yoshinaga

Harri Koskinen and the designers
Photo: Yasuaki Yoshinaga

Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, who had previously held an exhibition at the gallery in 2000, was welcomed as guest curator for the first exhibition held by THE MIYAKE ISSEY FOUNDATION, a show of works by five young designers from Northern Europe. From among the ultra-efficient, functionality of Northern European design Koskinen sought designers with a richly sensitive approach, who were distinctive and impactful but not overly brash, featured a modern minimalist style of production, and were who imparted a feeling of expansiveness. Thus, the chosen designers were those who used modern means to express traditional crafts, and who employed unique methods – such as re-using waste products in designs – to propose solutions to a broad range of issues.

PERHONEN, Anna Katriina Tilli & Marie Relander, Finland
Tinna Gunnarsdottir, Iceland
Anna Kraitz, Sweden
Cecilie Manz, Denmark
Cecilie Frostad Egeberg, Norway


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