ITEMS: Is Fashion Modern?
Items by ISSEY MIYAKE on exhibition

October 1, 2017 ー January 28, 2018

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, USA

Photograph: Hiroshi Iwasaki (Exhibition Catalogue providing photograph)

Image: Pascal Roulin

This seminal show is the first exhibition to include fashion since the “Are Clothes Modern?” exhibition in 1944, and is curated by the museum’s senior curator of architecture and design department Paola Antonelli along with curatorial assistant Michelle Millar Fisher. Items: Is Fashion Modern? features 111 items that the curators chose t that have triggered change over the past century; and is comprised of sections dedicated to size and form, technology, power, simplicity, and modest fashion versus eccentric fashion. It captures clothing design from multiple angles while opening a dialogue as to “what is fashion” and “what is modern” through archetypes, stereotypes or prototypes specially created by artists, designers, and engineers based on 30 of the 111 items on display.

Items by Issey Miyake on display:
“Black Turtleneck Top” ISSEY MIYAKE MEN(1980)

Items by Issey Miyake on display:
“A-POC Queen” ISSEY MIYAKE (1998/SS1999) MoMA Architecture/Design Department permanent collection, 2006

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USA、Nation-wide newspaper "The New York Times"(October 6, 2017)
Writer:Roberta Smith

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