Floating Design: Shiro Kuramata and his contemporaries

July 6 — September 1, 2013

The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

Photo:Yasuaki Yoshinaga

Photo:Yasuaki Yoshinaga

Photo:Yasuaki Yoshinaga

An exhibition on the life and work of Shiro Kuramata as perceived from various angles through the works, photos and materials of designers and artists who had known or interacted with Kuramata himself. The exhibition sought to examine the reasons behind the perennial popularity of Kuramata’s products.

Kuramata designed all ISSEY MIYAKE and ISSEY MIYAKE MEN stores around the world, starting with the ISSEY MIYAKE shop opened in From 1st in 1976 in Minami Aoyama. For the renovation of the Saint-Germain flagship store in Paris in 1983, Kuramata draped fabric over the walls and fixed the resulting forms onto the walls themselves. This inspired Miyake to create the Waterfall Body line of garments in 1984, examples of which THE MIYAKE ISSEY FOUNDATION loaned to the exhibition. These were complemented with photos of the major features of the inspirational store design.


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