21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Special Program

The Spirit of Tohoku: "Clothing"
by Issey Miyake

Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Kamiko, 1982
Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

A Piece of cloth Knit 2014 (left)
Colourful Iridescents,1995
Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Mawata Vest, Sakiori Jacket, 1984
Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Animal Knit, 1983 / Rawsilk Knit, 1974
Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Wave Knit, 1984
Photo: Masaya Yoshimura

Issey Miyake’s work with the Tohoku region, which itself formed the inspiration for a special exhibition, and his products made from ideas gleaned from Tohoku culture and handicrafts, were exhibited along with panels explaining the innovative craftsmanship and artisanal techniques involved. These include: ・Kamiko (1982), made using Shiroishi washi paper from Miyagi Prefecture;
・PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE, which can be traced back to the development of a unique style of pleats in 1988 and the collaboration with Polytex, a pleating factory in Shiroishi, Miyagi, which continues to this day;
・Chambray Pleats (1995), made using two layers of locally-spun Kawamata silk from Fukushima Prefecture;
・Mawata Vest (1983), made from homespun cotton by Nakamura Kobo of Iwate Prefecture;
・Raw Silk Knit (1974), Animal Knit (1983), and Wave Knit (1984), made in cooperation with knitwear producing communities in Yamagata;
・Sakiori Indigo Jackets (1983), made by bringing mechanical precision to the hand-woven appearance of Sakiori fabrics (where old materials are torn into strips, which are then re-woven into a new material); and
・Shoiko (1974), made from wool and leather.


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